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Town of Big River



The Town Office is located at 606 1st Street North in Big River Community Centre, Big River SK.

To contact the Town Office:   Phone 306-469-2112

                                               Fax 306-469-4856

                                               Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                               Box 220, Big River, SK S0J 0E0           

Office Hours

The municipal office is open from 8:30 am to noon and from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.


Administrator:                                                            Noreen Olsen

Assistant Administrator:                                            Cheryl Marino                                           

Fees for Office Services

Tax Certificate:                            $20.00 per roll number

Faxing:                                         $2.00/sheet

Photocopying (Black and White): $0.25/sheet

Photocopying (Color)                   $0.50/sheet

Town Map

Lots for Saleenclosed list is updated to September, 2017, and is for notice purposes only

Building Bylaw 2007-08           Building Permit Application

Zoning Bylaw No. 2015-02      Development Permit Application          Zoning Map

Census 2016

Information provided by Statistics Canada, Population of the Town of Big River:  700


Cemetery Directory   (2018 cemetery index pdf) The enclosed directory is for information purposes only.See also the composite plan map pdf.   Please contact the office with questions/concerns.               

Waste Disposal

Residential Front Street Garbage Pickup is scheduled to start during the summer of 2012. (waste mgmt. info attached) Businesses can arrange with Highway 55 Waste Management for garbage pickup.   The Town of Big River operates the Big River Waste Disposal Site, a transfer station, jointly with R.M. No. 555. Landfill hours are currently Saturday and Monday from noon to 7:00 p.m.   For current fees please go to “ Landfill and Refuse “ under “Residential Services” of this website. 


Maintenance Foreman/Public Works:                 Garry Anderson

Maintenance Assistant:                                       Peter Aitchison

                                                                            Robert Moyer



Water Treatment Plant  

96 1st Street North


Information surrounding the quality of Town of Big River water can be obtained from the report - Drinking Water Quality and Compliance (water quality report)

Town Shop                                                                                        

406 1st Street North         (306) 469-2141

Water Tank Fill available 24/7 - potable water - coin operated  

Fees for Custom Work

The following rates apply for custom work:

Loader/Grader with man              $90.00/hour

Tractor/Mower with man              $70.00/hour

Garbage Truck with man             $62.50/hour

Push Mower with man                 $35.00/hour

Odd jobs by Maintenance            $35.00/hour

Tractor/Sweeper with man           $70.00/hour


Fire/Ambulance   Call 911

Control Burn      1 (866) 404-4911


By authority of The Municipalities Act in the Province of Saskatchewan, an elected group of representatives form the Council of the Town of Big River. The Council consists of a Mayor and four Councillors.   The mission statement of the Council by RES#56/07 is   “to maintain and enhance the economic, cultural and social well being of our rate payers by providing services to the public which can not be feasibly be achieved individually such as transportation, protective, environmental, public health, welfare, economic development, recreational and cultural services, such services provided for the benefit of the public as a whole.”  

Current Council Members

Mayor:                Rob Buckingham           469-2008  or 469-7656 (cell)


                           Marlene Krawetz            469-4535

                          Chad Dunn                      469-4558 or 469-7658 (cell)

                          Carla Chadwick               469-2100 or 469-7908 (cell)

                          Sandra Gilbert                 469-2239




Regular Council Meetings

The regular meetings of the Council of the Town of Big River are scheduled to be held on the third (3rd) Monday of each month and in the event that the third (3rd) Monday falls on a holiday, the third (3rd) Tuesday, at the Big River Community Centre to begin at 9:00 a.m.


Four Standing Committees of Council are appointed to work with matters relating to the operation of the Town of Big River - Administration and Finance, Transportation Services, Protection Services, Environment and Health Services.

Interested community members are appointed by the Council to various committees and boards.   These volunteers spend countless hours in their positions designed to enhance services and quality of life in the Big River Community.   Active boards and committees are as follows but not limited to: Big River Recreation Improvement Association, Big River & District Recreation & Cultural Board, Big River and District Health Care Professional Recruitment Board, Big River and District Fire Department, Big River and District Landfill Committee, Big River Stakeholders Advisory Committee, Big River Local Library Board

Minutes and Bylaws: Council Minutes and Bylaws are available to the public during regular office hours.


On the Horizon

Timber Trails Sno Riders Snowmobile Rally is on Saturday, February 10, 2018


LWL Auxillary Talent Show is on March 3, 2018