• Relaxing on the shore of another beautiful area of Big River.
  • Scenery you just can't beat. pond fall
  • Take your ATV out on the trails and find sites you never knew were so close to home. creek
  • Peaceful waters of Delaronde.  Delaronde Lakesm
  • Summer Friends blackbear
  • Exciting ATV rallies through beautiful timber, scenic trails, or for the bold some muddy side trails. timberlost quad

Upcoming Events




    • July 24-Aug 2 - Swimming Lessons, Zig Zag form 
    • Aug 18-20 - Northern Lights Bluegrass Music Festival

    • Sept 8-9 EK Golf Classic
    • Sept 30 - Community Auction



Join us for Worship;


Big River First United Church

Grant Wood 469-4893

Linda Raymond 469-5799

Service is held at the St. Martin's Anglican Church every Sunday except July and August.

Time is at 1pm on the first 2 Sundays of the month and 10am on the remaining Sundays.


Evangelical Free Church

Pastor Kevin Roberts  469-4808

Church 469-2258

Sunday School 9:45am

Service 11am


Park Valley Local Church

Phone: 469-2670


Roman Catholic Church of Big River

Chairperson: Clarence Proulx 469-4519

Our Lad of the Sacred Heart Parish, Father Millan 724-2017 


St. Martin's Anglican Church

 Phone: 469-4417

Big River First United Church is added to the list of churches.  We currently hold services every Sunday at St. Martin's Anglican Church.  Services are at 1:00 p.m. on the 1st 2 Sundays of the month and 10:00 a.m. on the remaining Sundays of the month.  There are currently no services in July and August



Big River Community Auction is on Saturday, September 30, 2017

On the Horizon

Festival of Trees - November 22 to December 13, 2017